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"We are here to offer Christ’s Life to Our World. Our values are: *Respecting the dignity and worth of all. *Demonstrating love, forgiveness and healing. *Calling out the best in all. *Practising integrity of life and faith. *Being a safe place for struggle and engagement."


Welcome to

Moulsham Lodge Methodist Church

in Chelmsford, Essex.

         'Keep the faith.... but not to yourself.' 


We are a friendly, all-age church that helps people explore and live the Christian faith. Our church is so much more than just Sundays – we are active during the week too.

Find out more about us on this site or come along to one of our Sunday services or events. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Are you on Facebook? We are as well. Come and join us.

Baby Basics is new to Chelmsford and it is here at Moulsham, see more by going to the tab above.

Giving Lifts in a car to/from church? Please be aware of the Safeguarding Policy on this.

The safety of people who are being transported to and from church activities is the responsibility of whoever makes the transport arrangements:

  • If parents make those arrangements for their children, or adults make them for themselves then they are responsible for ensuring the safety of those being transported.

  • However if the church makes the transport arrangements, it becomes the responsibility of the church to ensure the safety of those being transported.

  • Transport or travel between church activities will usually be the responsibility of the church.

  • It should be clearly understood by all concerned at which point responsibility for the child is passed from parent to church worker and at which point it is returned.

On the whole at Moulsham Lodge lifts are offered as a friendly gesture by an individual to a friend and not on behalf of the church. However if lifts are organised through the church restrictions apply to both the driver and the car which are listed in 6.7.1 and 6.7.2 of the Safeguarding Policy of the Methodist Church. If you need help please talk to our safeguarding officers. -Jean Brown or Jane Crockett

(GDPR - Want to know our policy, Hover the mouse on the Home tab above, drop down to About Us and click on the link at the bottom of the page.)

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