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Messy Church


Why not come and join us at Messy

Church!! - You will be made

 very welcome.

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Messy Church is a national initiative which comes under the banner of Fresh Expressions of Church. It is used successfully by churches of all denominations to provide an alternative to families who may be unable to ,or who do not wish to, attend church services on a Sunday.   

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Here at Moulsham we tend to hold a Messy Church every 6-8 weeks and they take place in our church hall on a Wednesday afternoon. We begin at 3.30pm and end at 5.00pm. As the children arrive they help themselves from a buffet of food and drink and there is plenty of tea or coffee for the adults (and food too if they so wish!). We then have a short time in the church where the children listen to a Bible story (or watch one on our large screen) and sing a song or two. Then we have a session of crafts, including cookery and sometimes games, for 3/4 of an hour. All of the crafts are themed around the Bible story they have just heard. Adults are encouraged to join in with their children &/or to chat to other parents and the helpers. Afterwards we all meet together in the church for a song and prayer before going home.


All are welcome. At present the children’s ages range from 2-15 and the adults may be mums, dads, grandmothers (we’ve had no grandfathers yet!), aunts or friends.

Our next Messy Church takes place on Wednesday 21st March from 3-30-5.00 in the church hall.
As this will be happening just a week and a half before Easter we'll be telling the story about the time when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  People sang and waved palm branches, just as we might wave flags today if the Queen passes by.  For this reason the day is remembered as Palm Sunday and is, in fact, the Sunday after our Messy Church.
We've got some donkey crafts as well as some waving people to make. We have something very Messy and also something you can make and eat.   We also have some jumping bunnies which we know you'll all love.  As usual there's something harder to make for those at secondary school (yes, you've guessed - it's a donkey!).  And, as requested, the adults have the opportunity to make Easter hats.  (We have some things for you to decorate your hats with but if you've any bits at home you'd like to add, please bring them with you).
We do hope you can all come and celebrate Palm Sunday a few days early with us.

Future Messy Church dates:

Wednesdays 21st March & 9th May 2018